Hi everyone,

We are in full swing with the iPads at Settlers Primary right now as they are incorporated into our Literacy and Numeracy Blocks in our Year 1 and 2 classes. Our engagement levels are high and our students are enjoying learning activities that are catered to individual need.

Our Year 3 students will begin using the ipad2s next week –  an exciting time for all.

Our Year 1 and 2 Teachers are looking forward to moving forward with the aid of the iPad on new journeys of Facetime, screencasts, i Books and ePubs.

Happy ipadding

Pippa Dennerley

iPad Co-ordinator


Hi everyone,We …

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A modern way of learning.

iPads are a fun, modern way of engaging students to learn. A teacher can choose apps to suit the lesson being taught and use it to consolidate work taught.
Below are a few of the apps we use in my class:
Spelling 1-2 – this apps helps students revise, memorise and improve their spelling.
Sound er pro – Students record their reading and replay it to help them improve their clarity, fluency and expression.
Baseball Mcraw-Hill – helps students to learn, memorise and improve their mental maths skills.
Kids Tell Time – students learn to tell analogue and digital time.

Students learn with enthusiasm, independently and they learn cooperatively because they assist each other on how to work the iPad and the apps.

As the teacher, I enjoy using iPads with my children because it is a fun, modern way for students to interact with digital technologies as 21st Century learners.

Nicola Jacobs
B3 Classroom Teacher

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Latest on the iPad Initiative

Hello fellow iPadders!

Well what a couple of weeks it has been in iPad world at Settlers PS. We had the visit from the Inovation and Reform Unit where Peter Holcz came and saw the iPads in action with our Year 1 and 2’s. He was greatly impressed with what he saw from the teachers and students. Thanks to Kelly Columbus and Brooke Kinnear for allowing them to come and see your classrooms in action.

Rockingham Lakes PS came and visited our school last Tuesday and again we were able to walk them through the key points for successful implementation for their school. We have a visit from Perrinjori PS next Tuesday which is a school near Geraldton and I am excited to share our iPad journey with them also.

Pip and I were invited to share our iPad initiative with the Deputy Director General – John Leaf, Glenn Veen – Director ICT, Brett Roach – Deputy Chief Finance Officer, Tim Yorke – Director ICT, Bevan Doyle – Chief Information Officer, Alison Ramm – Director Schools Resourcing, Geoffrey Metcalf – Executive Director, Early Childhood, Jan Loftus – E-Schools, Peter Titmanis – Assistant Executive Director Innovation, Performance and Research, Peter Holcz – Director School Innovation and Reform, David Axworthy – Deputy Director General Schools, Lindsay Hale – Executive Director Statewide Planning, Deborah Bevan – Manager E Schools, Stephen Baxter – Director School Innovation and Reform, Kim Ward -Assistant Executive Director, Statewide Services.

We are excited to hear what comes of this meeting as we were able to share about our initiative, show a promotional DVD and talk about the improvements they have made for our students. John Leaf will be presenting our findings to Sharon O’Neil and seeking her approval for a larger roll out of iPads across the state.

We had our first iCafe “Bring A Friend” iCafe last week. We had nearly 20 people come from Pre-Primary, Year 3, Music and even someone from Tranby Primary School next door. We were able to look at the apps and group them in the 6 domains of Blooms Cognitive Taxonomy. This ensures that we are able to use one app in one domain and build on our app use using apps in a higher order thinking domains which ensures it is purposeful and developing independent thinking.

That is all for now!
Take Care

Sarah McCormick
iPad Coordinator Settlers Primary School

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New Research on 21st Century Pedagogy

This is a fantastic thought-provoking view on where teaching is heading. If we are to educate our students for their futures and not the futures we have had we may need to consider some of these considerations.

Tell me what you think!

Sarah McCormick
iPad Coordinator Settlers Primary School

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Departmental Visit

Peter Holcz and Lorraine from the Innovation and Reform Unit visited Settlers PS in Week 2 to see the iPads in action. The sudents in E1 were engaged in literacy rotations around the classroom with a focus on phonics and our spelling lists for the fortnight. Students at the iPad station were so engaged that they barely noticed 4 extra adults in the classroom watching them use the app called “Spell 1-2” to input their spelling lists, which in turn gernerastes activites for practising their spelling words in a variety of contexts. Our visitors were impressed with everything from how we store and charge the devices to the iCafes that our lovely Co-ordinator Sarah organises for teachers to share best practice with apps they are using in the classroom

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Mrs Anderson is having fun exploring the apps.

Mrs McCormick gave the Year One and Two teachers a groovy iPad showbag to take home over the holiday break. She included chocolates which was a great idea! I took the iPad (and the chocolates) with me on my plane trip to Cairns (yep, I’m boasting) and I had a lot of fun exploring apps along the way. I’m looking forward to using the apps I discovered in B4 this term.

Miss Teede also showed me a fabulous app. called ‘Solving Maths’. It includes questions using a range of mathematical language e.g. ‘Take 2 from 5′, ’15 is 7 more than’, ‘The total of 8 and 2 is’. This will be a great activity to do as a whole class on the smart board to enable us to focus on the language of Maths and to develop our calculating skills. Check it out!

Mrs Linda Anderson
B4 Classroom Teacher

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E4 becoming experts with iPads!

Down in E4, the year ones (and Mrs Lee) are thoroughly enjoying having the opportunity to use iPads in our weekly lessons! Not only are the students learning day by day but Mrs Lee is as well! The knowledge and know-how is also being passed on to parents, grandparents and siblings as well. I constantly have parents coming in and asking me for the lastest apps that we are using.

In recent weeks we have been using the Piggy Maths app which allows the students to complete missing number mathematics sums that we have been learning about in class. One student commented “I love this app because we get prizes if we get the answer right!”. iPads are not only fun and interactive but they motivate the students which is a very important aspect of every learning experience.

Carlene Lee
Year 1 Teacher
Settlers Primary School

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